This site was set up after Tony Abbott became Prime Minister. It began as an outlet for the fury and despair that such terrible people once again have their filthy paws on the most powerful levers in the land. I knew I would lose my cool, and also friends without an outlet.

Nothing here is, nor is intended to represent, peer-reviewed research or the official position of any institution or organisation. My day jobs are law lecturer (jurisprudence, bioethics, property law), and cultural studies researcher (democracy and citizenship)so a lot of what I write draws on the theory and method of those fields. Past positions include frontline domestic violence and other homelessness services on Darug lands (Western Sydney), Nganyaywana lands (Northern Tablelands, NSW) and Mparntwe on Arreernte lands (Alice Springs, Central Australia).

I am also a white Australian who is proud to be mother, auntie and in-law to immediate and extended Aboriginal family. These relationships inform my writing as much as anything. A few more labels and pastimes: feminist, non-theist, bushcare and camping. My favourite things: I stop reading and start strumming and singing when the rain drums down on the veranda roof (this spares the neighbours). Preoccupations with millennia of patriarchy, white supremacy and the powerful elites who are plundering the planet.

The mendacity and triviality of what passes for public debate drives me absolutely spare. Hence the blog. Thank you for reading.

Twitter: @iMusing
Precarious casualised academic: support me at paypal.me/IngridMM


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for “… beyond appalling”. I was on the phone to my sister only yesterday morning & among other things, lamenting the state of things. I’d not seen your blog (on twitter today!) but it says everything I was struggling to express and more.
    I hope you don’t mind but I did a FB share, with my own comment attached as follows: “Just wow – this lady nails it! If nothing else and perhaps without intending to, the article makes a case for why we should require, before election, comprehensive fitness-for-work/office medical assessments of ALL candidates for national leadership”.
    I’m not a doctor, but have for some time thought there could only be a medical explanation for Abbott’s ‘presentation’! It’s surprising there’s not been more such comment, but I understand medical practitioners’ significant, ethically-based restrictions.

  2. Get some perspective on how hard won, over centuries, your privilage to be a hippy has been. Democracy by revolution, prosperity by fossil energy, freedom of speech by bloodshed. Don’t fuck around with the fragile status quo too much or we will all regret it. Just think middle east and Africa. Go fight for women’s rights there if you want a challenge.

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