Happy New Year!

Well it feels like the year has started in earnest even though I’ve been back at work for three weeks already.

A quick housekeeping post:

Thank you to everyone who has commented and followed and found me on Twitter. I re-set the comments release default because I haven’t found the time or inclination to reply on here. Obviously I am delighted for readers to discuss anything, but two online discussion sites are enough for me, and Twitter is my public forum. So apologies for not engaging more here, and please feel free to take up any points on my TL @iMusing. If the 140 is not your thing, a link or screenshot is fine.

That said, I am about to edit a post reflecting on 26 January 2015. It is not my best, or a call to any particular political action. But it does imply solidarity with Aboriginal rights every bit as comitted as my feminism. In my experience, vitriol in opposiiton to basic rights and recognition for First Australians can come in even more aggressive form than the mascuinists and chauvinists. So if that’s your thing, please take it to the vast majority of the internet and society where those views are encouraged and accepted. Thank you.

Here is to a better 2015 than 2014, to engaged and informed political debate, and the end of the Abbott government. Onwards and upwards IM


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